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Darren Criss. He just fills me with such happiness.

Edit: They say a picture is worth a thousand words...
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How ironic that this is today's Writer's Block. Zander, bb, take it away.

Day 16 – What was a character’s first romantic and/or sexual encounter like?
Day 16 )

Day 17 – What are popular sports and hobbies in your setting?
Day 17 )

Days 18, 19, 20 & 21
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Stick with UCF and major in graphic design rather than journalism. Also, don't give up on the film program just because you were rejected the first time.
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Ha, I have no exes to keep in touch with, soooooo my answer to this is a resounding no.
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The high school I went to, no question. If we could've just moved away from this podunk town, I think I would've enjoyed high school better. I could be wrong about that though. Guess we'll never know, but yeah... If you weren't into drinking or having sex or weren't one of the "cool" kids, you weren't really anything.

Although I guess that holds true at any school? idk, but I felt very isolated in high school.
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It's so ironic that this would be the Writer's Block for today, and I just happened to decide to log on to check my email and stuff. I've been sick since Saturday. -_- It's not a matter of preferring to go it alone, it's more along the lines of I have to go it alone. My mom stopped doting upon me years ago, and my girlfriends live in completely different states. Normally, depending on how sick I am, I'll stay home. It's still up in the air whether or not I'll go to school tomorrow because I still feel under the weather.

Ugh, going back to bed soon though.

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