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Dear Joe Jonas,

While I wholeheartedly approve of (and encourage) your flagrant disregard of shirts, I mustache you a question and I cannot, in good conscience, shave it for later.

Full size under the cut

What the devil is going on here?

Now, don't get me wrong. You've rocked facial hair in the past (case in point, my icon) and I adored it, but dude, a mustache? No. Please shave it off, and while you're at it, could you grow your hair back? Please?

Keep doing what you're doing with the shirtlessness though, unf.

More pics of Joe's fabulous chest behind the cut in their original, full size glory, unf )

But seriously. That mustache, Joseph. Whyyyyyyyy?
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I live in Florida, so I thought I'd do the fun run this year. I mean, hey, every chance I can to see the Jonas Brothers, right? XD Anyway, I thought I'd share my pics. Not too many and they're not that great, but anyway, here you go.

I have pics and video from the Road Dogs game, soundcheck and concert today/tonight, but I haven't downloaded them yet. Tomorrow! For now though...

Joe beckons you in :D )

I thank you for your time :D
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Save the cheerleader, save the world )

Also, don't forget my charity run for the Special Olympics. Please donate, even if it's just a little.

Donate herrrrrrrre
This was over 9/6/10; thanks to anybody who donated ♥
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So, Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers is sponsoring an iWin Fun Run event to raise money for the Special Olympics. I am a Joe Jonas fan, ergo I've decided to participate.

Fundraising is part of the event, and I'm not gonna lie, there are some pretty sweet incentives for the top fundraisers involving meeting Joe and stuff.

I'm not making a plea to donate just so I'll get to the top, but you should donate because the Special Olympics are a worthy cause. :D

Link to my fundraising page: right here

Joe thanks you for your time and offers you a refreshing beverage: