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Well, we got tons of rain dumped on us by Isaac, and our ditches, part of our side yard and the two neighbors on either side of us are all flooded. Roads are flooded. But I still had to come into work, so I dropped my car off at the repair shop. Got my rental, and I'm good to go. \o/

I like my rental car. It's a Nissan Altima, and man, it's smooooooth. The base price is $23K though @_@ Liiiiitttle out of my price range, but...it's on my list >_>

How are all of you? :D

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2/9/12 00:04 (UTC)
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I hope there won't be any more flooding and i hope your car gets better :)
I am doing good! Just finished uni and i'm having as much fun as i can :D ...and updating LJ as much as i could too (since im not busy anymore)