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Sooooooo, roughly three hours after I made this entry about having my car back on the road, this fucking chick runs into the rear driver's side of my car in the parking lot of fucking Wal-Mart, man. X( I was going down the aisle like a normal person, looking for a parking space, and she comes out of nowhere, cutting through the parking spaces from the next aisle over and plows into me.

There's a dent on the rear door and the bumper, and a scratch on the quarter panel. All that has to be replaced, plus they're doing an all-wheel alignment since she hit right on the wheel.

She was apologetic and gave me her contact information, her insurance policy number but said she'd really rather pay for it out of pocket. So I was like "Yeah, okay, whatever, I'll call you with the estimate price."

Monday afternoon, I called her, left a voicemail. No word. Tuesday morning, called her, apparently woke her up, judging from the sleepy sound of her voice, gave her the total, had her freak out "WHAT?! I just hit the bumper!" Uh, noooo, I'm looking at my car and you hit right on the rear wheel. She was like "Okay, I'll have to call you back."

Yesterday afternoon, hadn't heard from her by lunchtime, so I called my insurance to see what I needed to do. Got home last night, had a message from them, they advised me to call her insurance. The claim was filed last night after dinner, and this morning, Progressive called me to schedule repairs for my car and reserve me a rental. XD

I just... My poor little car! I've had it for seven years, and I've only been in one previous accident (I rear-ended a lady, whoops), and that was...ffff, three years ago? Now, in the span of three months, my mom ran over a gator while driving me to the airport, the starter died and now this. I think it's time to trade the bluebird in >_> Or stop driving (Yeah, right.)

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24/8/12 01:02 (UTC)
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What a dick!! Man, my car got destroyed in a Wal-Mart parking lot once. ;__; Hit and run, though, so I paid out of pocket. I can't STAND people who drive through the lines. I guess it's one thing if the lot is empty or the store is closed or whatever, but otherwise it's super rude and shit like this happens!

ANYWAY this lady sounds like a fucking bitch. She was probably figuring she could either pay you just a little or just blow you off until you forgot about it. A year or so ago my friend got hit in a parking lot and the guy said he'd pay out of pocket and gave her a number and she called a day later and it was fake! Always ALWAYS go through your insurance because, even if someone is nice, chances are they will try to screw you somehow.


At least Progressive didn't try to give you a hard time about it!

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24/8/12 13:56 (UTC)
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I think there are just a lot of assholes who go to Wal*Mart, ha! It really was terrible, but I've always driven shitty cars so I'm not even really surprised when something goes wrong anymore.

I'm crazy paranoid about stuff like that. I would have made the cops file a report because fuck that. At least you got it sorted out so easily!

Ahhh gator. It sounds vaguely familiar so it's possible you wrote about it and I had the same reaction and then forgot about it again, as I have the worst memory. But holy shit! At least you killed it...I would NOT want a live gator trying to eat my car.

Aww! I can't say much. I think I've been through at least 5 cars and 5 blown engines since 2004.